I could give you the entire Targaryen speech from the end of season one, but I will not waste my breath.”

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Hi, I miss your story :((( please update soon love you :)

Thank you very much… I’ll try to update soon. 

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read your tags of Paige as A,why would she be a lousy A?can you elaborate? What's your idealized uber A?I just feel that Paige could be an A,given the proper motivation, just not uber A

It’s not necessarily about Paige making a lousy A, as I said in the tag I actually think Lindsey would make a very good villain. The problem is that the foundation just isn’t there for Paige on the ‘A’ team to make sense in a way that would be more than just another red herring like with Ezra or Toby, or a way to have somebody close to the liars be the betrayer without sacrificing one of the heterosexual romances.

(this got longer than I intended so the rest of my thoughts are under the cut)

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