Anonymous asked
I really really love your story about Paige, Emily, Shana and Alison.. But i'm worried we come so far and Em and Paige still not together does that mean that they'll never be back together..? I really hope that I don't bother you with my stuped question and sorry for my english it's not my first language. Hope you will have a good day xoxo :)

You haven’t bothered me and your question isn’t stupid…. Honestly right now I’m just taking my time with this fic, exploring the different dynamics (particularly where Paige is concerned) and dealing with the intense emotions that come from the Paige/Shana/Emily/Alison thing. I know that it’s taking a while to really get into the Paily side of things but I just ask you to be patient because even though I can’t promise that Paige and Emily will be together in the end (because I still don’t know how this fic is going to end) there is stuff for them coming up. In fact I’ve already written some Paige and Emily scenes that will appear later on and I am currently  working towards them. I’m just trying to get them both in a place where those scenes can realistically take place.